To generate new business, you will need to do some form of marketing for potential customers to hear about your products or services. Marketing doesn’t need to be rocket science, its a case of positioning yourself to the right audience at the right time, with the right message, to convert them into YOUR customers.

Now, if you are doing the above, an important step, which is probably THE MOST important step is how you track these enquiries.

Enquiry Tracking

There are many different ways you can track your incoming enquiries. You can pay for CRMS, use spreadsheets, use online spreadsheets, or if you are very old school, write down on paper (i wouldn’t recommend this way). The main thing is when someone picks up the phoneemails, fills out a form, or even walk in to see you. You make a record that this happened. (over time you can then see what your averages are each month – good indication of growth from your marketing activities).

Key Data To Record

  • Name

  • Date Enquired (with day of the week*)

  • Time Enquired*

  • Enquiry (what they are after)

  • Source of enquiry

  • Telephone number (for follow up)

  • Email address (for follow up)

  • Status of enquiry (which indicates if they need following up)

  • Comments (any useful comments that will help you in the follow up of this enquiry or when analysing your marketing data)

*Its important to find out when the popular times & days are to enquire as this can influence when your spending your marketing budget

Why Is It So Important To Track Enquiries?

If you don’t track your enquiries, you won’t be able to tell if your marketing is working. If you make any changes to your marketing strategy, or run new campaigns, it will be difficult to tell what is being generated, and how successful the campaigns are.

Recording enquiries is a very simple and easy task to complete and just requires your team members to be aware of the processes involved (where and what data to record), and they are consistent at entering this information.

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