If You Build It They Will Come

If You Build It They Will Come

“Field of Dreams 1989”

“Field of Dreams 1989”

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Your probably wondering why I have a random quote from a film in the late 80s.

It perfectly sums up my feelings to an expectation and approach I see people taking with websites.

If you build it (a website) they will come. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Having the nicest looking website counts for literally zilch, if no one sees it….

Just building a website is not going to open up some flood gate on the internet that is just waiting for you.

Over the years I have met many people who have spent ££££ on their website and then don’t regularly update it (it could be months or even years when they post content) and wonder why they are struggling to attract new business.

Content Is King

If you look at google (yes there are other search engines, but are they worth mentioning…ding who?) guidelines, they are quite open about what helps your rankings. Yes, there are thousands of varying factors, but if you always adhere to the white hat techniques, you will be on to a winner:

  • Unique (engaging content) – if you have multiple websites – don’t reuse the content over them!
  • Easy to navigate (user friendly – mobile responsive is a must in this day and age)
  • On-page optimisation – if your page is about dental implants, does the meta title and description tags and H1 heading tag relate to this?
  • Speed – if you have a slow website and an ever growing impatient consumer base (your website can’t lag)
  • Social proof – saying your the best on your website is not as believable as review sites having actual real people saying the same…

For more information (night time reading): Webmaster Guidelines

Useful speed tools: GT MetrixPingdomGoogle Page Speed

Example GT Metrix report from my website:

Adwords PPC

Location Based Targeting

Adwords Optimisation

Managing your Adwords PPC account. Target specific keywords and phrases used by potential customers searching in your local area.

Starting From £200*

* minimum fee – then 20% of adwords monthly budget

Micro Websites

Ideal For Paid Campaigns

Mini Website Development

Purpose built miniwebsites to be used as landing sites, in paid for (Pay per click) campaigns. WordPress driven and easy to update.

Starting From £1,500*

* up to 10 pages – price on application for extra pages


New Existing Websites

Website Development

Purpose built full site to be used as your main business website. Connected up to your google business page. WordPress driven and easy to update.

Starting From £2,500*

* up to 25 pages – price on application for extra pages

Find Out How I Can Help


If you have more complex requirements and need someone reliable who knows what they are doing, I offer  tailored packages to suit your needs.

Why not make me an extension of your team……….?


  • Website Management – Tier 1*
  • Website Maintenance**
  • Set Up New Patient Matrix***
  • Conversion Tracking ****


  • Website Management – Tier 2*
  • On Call Support – 48 **
  • Adwords Management – Tier 1***
  • Copy Writing ****


  • Website Management – Tier 3*
  • On Call Support – 24 **
  • Adwords Management – Tier 2***
  • Call Tracking ****


  • Website Management – Tier 4*
  • On Site Visits/Training**
  • Adwords Management – Tier 3***
  • Call Recording****

Bespoke Package

If none of the packages are suitable, I offer flexible approaches to developing your business.

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