What Are Data Driven Solutions?

We can all agree that knowledge is power and when it comes to business, this saying couldn’t be any more truer!

Business data forms the foundation of how successful you are operating, and by getting a good understanding of where you have come from, you will be able to move in the right direction and achieve growth.

Marketing Data

We would be lying if we said we didn’t want to have more new customers. As a business, it is ingrained in us that we will need new business to grow (its common sense). The easiest solution to get new business is by marketing ourselves on various different platforms in the attempt to attract this new business.

Now, on to my pet peeve that i see time and time again (especially in the dental industry). If you are actively looking for new business and are continually investing money into marketing, then you need to have a robust process to tracking ALL new business enquiries. Would you be confident answering the following question:

If I Was To Call Your Business Today And Left No Details – Would Their Be A Record Of This…

If the answer is YES, then your smashing it

If NO, you could be throwing your money away without knowing where the issue is…

Is it a marketing or front of house issue…

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