What Is The New Patient Matrix?

To put it simply, it is a way of tracking all your new business enquiries to be used for reporting purposes, but also in the follow up process.

If you are currently spending money to advertise your business but you are not tracking when a potential new customer calls you, emails, fills out a form, walks in etc, you won’t be able to fully understand what is or isn’t working for your business. You won’t be able to analyse trends. You wont be able to predict future highs or low based on historic data.

This is one of the most important KPIs of your business, and it is also the start of the journey to becoming your customer.

Tracking Made Easy

You don’t need to spend your money on an expensive CRM. Obviously its up to you if you want to. There are tons of different systems out there to choose from, so you are spoilt for choice.

But regardless of what option you choose for, it will be 100% reliant on the data that is being entered by your team. So the first question to ask yourself is, are you confident that everyone on your team is aware about the handling new business enquiries process. If you answer yes, then do a mystery shop to your own business but don’t leave a name or any details (if these types of enquiries are not being recorded, then you are not seeing the overall picture).

Online Spreadsheet – No Bells Or Whistles

All you need is a place where you can record all information, is easy to access from any location, and can be accessed by multiple people at the same time.

An online spreadsheet (such as google docs) is the ideal tool to use, when it is set up correctly.

Using simple formula’s you can create a summary sheet which is automatically updated based on the information entered into the month sheets. This means it is easier for you to get a snap shot of how you are doing each month, without having to compile an extra report.

It also means that all your new business enquiries are in a centralised location and can easily and quickly be followed up.

The key variable to success, is ensuring your team is updating the data 100% and they are proactively following up these new potential customers.

Free Download – New Business Enquiry Process